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As the Peel Region’s air con maintenance specialists, JFK Electrical, Solar & Air pride ourselves on our thorough AC servicing. Our technicians can help with cleaning, maintenance and repairs for split system, ducted and evaporative air con units.

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Mandurah’s Air Con Maintenance & Repair Specialists

When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? Just like a car needs to be serviced to ensure it’s running safely, it’s important to ensure your air con maintenance is up to date.

At JFK Electrical, we’re the local specialists who can keep your climate control system in top condition. Our local, family-owned business professional aircon servicing and cleaning throughout Mandurah, Rockingham and Perth’s southern suburbs.

JFK Electrical’s fully trained and licensed air con technicians can help with:

  • Regular air con servicing
  • Air conditioner cleaning & maintenance
  • Air conditioning repairs

We’re experienced with all of Australia’s major air conditioning brands, including split system units, ducted air conditioning and evaporative coolers.

Air conditioning maintenance is essential for optimal air quality, efficient operation, less power consumption, and longer system life. If you’re experiencing any problems with your AC unit, quick troubleshooting and repairs will also prevent more expensive problems developing.

Is your air conditioner overdue for a service? Having any trouble with your AC system? At JFK Electrical, we’re here to help.

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Breezair air conditioning outdoor unit installed on a rooftop

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

JFK Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Installation

Maintenance should be carried out routinely to keep your system clean, running smoothly and efficiently. Cleaning and flushing your system regularly will ensure you get the most out of your air conditioner. Most importantly, your system will be disease and allergy-free!

Here are the top four benefits of air con servicing:

  • Keep Air Clean & Healthy: Regular cleaning protects your family or staff from viruses, allergies and diseases caused by contaminated airflow in air conditioning units.
  • Minimise Your Power Bills: Cleaning your air conditioning system regularly helps improve its energy efficiency and minimises operating costs. The more it has to work to move air, the higher the running costs and long-term damage to the system will be.
  • Extend Your AC Unit’s Lifespan: During regular use, air conditioners become less efficient and parts within the unit will wear and break down. Regular servicing means we can catch worn or damaged parts that put the entire system at risk.

Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty: Regular servicing is a condition of your manufacturer’s warranty. If you don’t keep up with cleaning and maintenance, you may not be covered if a fault develops. Scheduling an annual service helps keep your warranty intact.

Regular air conditioner servicing from JFK Electrical helps keep your unit running smoothly for years to come. Call us today to book your appointment.

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Professional Air Conditioner Servicing in Mandurah

If you’re looking for reliable air conditioner servicing in Mandurah, look no further than the team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air. We are a trusted name in air conditioner servicing and have been helping keep Mandurah homes cool for years.

JFK Electrical’s highly trained technicians can assist with maintenance for:

  • Split system air conditioners (including wall mounted)
  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Evaporative coolers

What makes us the best choice for air con servicing? Our technicians go above and beyond on every service we perform. This includes functionality and diagnostic testing, plus a thorough deep clean of air-conditioning coils – not just the filter.

When you book an air conditioner service, a JFK Air professional will cover all the essentials to ensure your air conditioner is healthy. Rest assured, we always prepare the area for maintenance and take pride in leaving no mess, marks or rubbish behind.

Learn more about what’s included in our air con maintenance services below.

Panasonic split type ACCU

Split System Air Conditioner Servicing Mandurah

Split system air conditioners are a staple in homes across Western Australia, but not everyone knows they need servicing at least once a year.

At JFK, a split system air conditioning service includes:

  • Thorough inspection of indoor and outdoor air con units to identify any repairs needed
  • Functionality and diagnostic testing to detect invisible faults early
  • Deep clean of air conditioning coils to remove mould and bacteria
  • Filter removal and clean for optimal air flow and efficiency

The team here at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air has been providing high-quality split system air conditioning in Perth and Peel for years. Our thorough servicing will keep your wall unit clean, healthy and running smoothly.

Ducted Air Conditioner Servicing Mandurah

Ducted air conditioners are fantastic for energy-efficient cooling, but can easily harbour bacteria if they aren’t well-maintained. Be sure to schedule an annual ducted AC clean and service to keep your indoor air quality safe.

At JFK, a ducted air conditioning service includes:

  • Full inspection of all air con components
  • Functionality and diagnostic testing
  • Deep clean of air conditioning coils
  • Return air filter clean
  • Function testing of zone motors
  • Air conditioner output testing

Ducted air conditioners can be harder to service, and not all WA air con companies have the right experience to do a thorough job. The JFK team are specialists in ducted systems, meaning we know exactly how to get the results you need and keep your AC system hygienic.

Ducted Air Condition Installation
Breezair Air-conditioning Installation

Evaporative Air Conditioner Servicing Mandurah

Evaporative air conditioners need to be serviced regularly, but many air con companies just don’t have the knowledge to maintain them. JFK Electrical’s air con technicians have years of experience working with evaporative coolers, so you can be confident your system is in safe hands.

Unlike wall or ground-mounted systems, the entire system for an evaporative air con unit is roof-mounted; this means the service and cleaning are predominantly carried out on the rooftop.

At JFK, an evaporative cooler service includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing filter pads
  • Pumping and draining of water
  • Fan inspection and testing
  • Thoroughly cleaning unit inside and out
  • System fill and dump
  • Full system function test

Due to the way evaporative units work, a thorough cleaning is an essential part of a regular maintenance. When you book a service with us, you can be confident we’ll prevent dangerous pathogens growing inside your evaporative cooler.

Annual servicing will keep your evaporative cooler working more efficiently for longer. To book an evaporative air conditioner service , call the team at JFK today.

Air Conditioner Cleaning in Mandurah

JFK Electrical provides thorough and hygienic air conditioner cleaning services across Mandurah and Perth (South of the River). Our expert technicians clean and maintain all brands of ducted, split system and evaporative air conditioning units.

Why is it so important to have your air con unit professionally cleaned? Unfortunately, heating and cooling systems are prime breeding grounds for moulds, allergens and bacteria. When systems are not maintained correctly, they become the perfect device for harbouring and spreading these nasties throughout the air in your home or business.

Just because the effects of poor air quality aren’t noticeable straight away, doesn’t mean they aren’t a concern. Many health issues associated with poor indoor air quality take time to manifest, and by the time the symptoms are apparent, they can be difficult to treat.

That’s why you need to prioritise optimal air quality, especially if you have at-risk people in your home, like young children, people with respiratory issues and elderly relatives.

Leaving your air conditioning system without a professional clean means you’ll also be paying more on your electricity bills as efficiency is impacted.

Professional air con cleaning not only restores your unit, but also involves treating the components to reduce future mould and bacterial growth.

How long has it been since you last had an air conditioner clean? Book an expert clean for your AC when you call JFK Electrical.

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professional Air Conditioning Repairs in Mandurah

With how often we run our air conditioners in Western Australia, it’s possible your AC unit will need repairs during its lifetime. At JFK Electrical, our expert technicians can assist to troubleshoot and repair a wide range of air conditioning problems.

Our expert team can assist with repairs on all brands of split system (wall mounted) air conditioning, ducted air con units and even evaporative air conditioning.

Some of the common air conditioning problems we resolve include:

  • Blocked or overflowing drainage systems
  • Broken compressor or condenser
  • Air conditioner not turning on
  • Air con unit not cooling or heating

No matter what air con problems you’re having, the JFK technicians can troubleshoot and resolve it. We’re the local specialists you can count on for all your air conditioning repairs and maintenance issues.

To book an air conditioner repair appointment, call the team at JFK today.

How Do I Know If My Air Con Needs Maintenance?

Here are some signs your air conditioner needs maintenance or repairs urgently:

  • Visibly Dirty: The dust accumulation causes your air conditioner to work inefficiently. A filthy filter also spreads dust and pollutants throughout the air, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.
  • Odour: A foul lingering odour could mean bacteria is growing in the coil of your air conditioner! The musty stench could be caused by mould development inside the air conditioner or ductwork. Smells can also be caused by refrigerant leaks.
  • Strange Noises: If your air conditioner starts to make weird noises like rattling, clicking, grinding, or whistling, you most likely have a cooling system problem. In these cases, you should contact JFK to have your air conditioner serviced or repaired.
  • Water Leaks: While some moisture can be normal, excessive amounts of water indicates you need air con repair or maintenance services. This is often a problem with the drainage system.
  • Inconsistent Cooling: If your room isn’t as cold as it should be, or your AC unit is much slower to cool than usual, there is an issue with your air conditioning unit. This may require a clean and service, or there may be a broken part that needs repairs.
  • Increase in Power Bill: The air conditioner is usually one home appliance that consumes the most energy. However, if you’ve observed a significant increase in your energy bills, you’ll almost certainly need to have your air conditioner serviced or repaired.

Noticed any of these symptoms? Call JFK Electrical to speak to a local air conditioning technician today.

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Why Choose JFK For Your Next Air Con Service?

JFK Electrical Solar and Air's van

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air are a respected and trusted air conditioning company based in Mandurah, WA. Our local, family-owned business offers top-class service, including professional aircon servicing and repairs throughout Mandurah, Rockingham and Perth (South of the River).

Here are some of the reasons you’ll love working with us:

  • Licensed & Experienced: When you work with JFK, you know our highly trained technicians will keep you in the loop from start to finish. Every team member is licensed and accredited to service all major air conditioner brands, so you can be sure your AC unit is in safe hands.
  • Clean & Tidy: There’s nothing worse than tradesmen who leave a mess. Here at JFK, we take pride in our work and ensure that we always leave your home as clean as we found it.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: If you’re looking for the best local air conditioning contractor near you, then JFK should be your number one choice! We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

Our high quality work and commitment to customer service are the reason countless locals across Mandurah and Perth trust us for their air conditioner maintenance services.

Ready to book an AC service for your home or office? Give our friendly team a call today.

Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs

We recommend servicing and cleaning your air con system every six months. However, at an absolute minimum, your air conditioning system should be professionally serviced every 12 months.

This applies to both ducted and split system air conditioners, as both have the potential to harbour bacteria, and both suffer from a decline in performance if they aren’t properly maintained.

If it’s been more than six months, it’s time to get your air con back to peak performance. Book an appointment with JFK Electrical, Solar & Air today.

There are three key parts of any good air conditioner service:

Inspection: Inspect the indoor and outdoor units during an air conditioning service to ensure no repairs are required.

Testing: This includes testing the functionality, performance and output of the air conditioning unit. Diagnostic testing helps indicate if there are any faults or repairs needed that aren’t visible to the eye.

Cleaning: A thorough clean is necessary to reach all the areas of the system where mould, fungus and bacteria thrive. If any filters are clogged or unclean, they will dramatically reduce airflow and reduce a system’s efficiency, so this is an important part of the process.

If your air conditioner is not working properly, the best thing you can do is call a professional, like us at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air. A qualified technician can quickly diagnose any issue and get to the root of the problem. Depending on what is causing it, they might recommend a quick repair or service your air conditioner to remove any obstructions.

In some cases, your air conditioning unit might need to be replaced. However, you’ll have the chance to weigh up the pros and cons of repair versus replacement to determine which will be most cost-effective. Either way, an experienced technician will have the ability to find the best solution for you.

The most frequent cause for split system or ducted AC units to not operate properly is a lack of maintenance; this includes regularly changing filters and keeping the coils clean. Other common issues include insufficient capacity, frozen evaporator coils, electrical malfunctions, clogged drain lines, and thermostat problems. If your unit isn’t operating properly, it’s best to have a professional take a look at it to diagnose the exact issue and help you determine the best way to resolve it.

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try at home before you call an AC service. First of all, make sure the power source is working and that the unit has been properly installed. Check the mode and temperature settings, and adjust as needed if the temperature isn’t quite right. Lastly, ensure that filters and coils are clean and free of debris that might interfere with airflow or lead to damage.

Researching any specific error codes or symptoms you might be seeing can be helpful in diagnosing your issue further. However, the best way to figure out why your air conditioner isn’t working is to call an expert.

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