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Mandurah Air Conditioning Installation Professionals

Temperature control is an essential aspect of providing comfort in any WA home. At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we understand how important it is to have an effective climate control solution. Not only does your air conditioner need to keep you comfortable, but you also need to maximise energy efficiency and keep your energy bills under control. 

The professionals at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air can assist you in finding the perfect new air conditioning system. At JFK, we are experts on reverse cycle air conditioning, perfect for the climate year-round here in southwest WA. 

When we’ve been sweating through record-breaking heatwaves, we know many Perth & Peel residents are looking for a new air conditioning system this year. Climate projections predict more and more summer days with the mercury topping 40℃ – so there’s never been a better time to install new air conditioning here in Western Australia. 

If you’re ready to discover what a modern and energy-efficient AC unit can do for you, JFK Electrical, Solar & Air can help! We supply and install a range of reverse cycle split systems and ducted air conditioning units from Australia’s leading air conditioning brands, including: 

  • Mitsubishi Electric 
  • Haier 
  • Fujitsu 
  • Daikin 

Our fully licensed team is experienced in installing both wall-mounted and ducted central air conditioning systems. With a range of options to suit every home and budget, a new air conditioner from JFK Electrical, Solar & Air provides reliable climate control throughout the year.

As a local Mandurah business, we service homes across the Perth and Peel Regions, including Rockingham and Port Kennedy, extending up to Cockburn, Fremantle and Perth. 

Need a new air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable? Give us a call at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air today for an obligation-free quote.

Panasonic split type ACCU

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

Two Mitsubishi split type ACCU

Wondering what type of air conditioning system is best for your property? JFK Electrical supplies and installs a range of fantastic climate control solutions, including:

Ducted Air Conditioning

Also known as ‘central air con’, this type of AC system involves a single cooling unit, with ductwork installed throughout your home. 

Split System Air Conditioning

This is the typical wall unit that you see in many WA homes. These are designed to heat a single room, with multi-split system installations available. 

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 

Reverse cycle AC offers heating and cooling modes using one air con unit. At JFK, we install reverse-cycle split air conditioning and reverse-cycle ducted systems from Australia’s leading brands. 

Learn more about these air conditioning types and their benefits below. If you need some handy advice on which is best for your property, you can always call us at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air.

Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

Fran Brolsma
Fran Brolsma
October 31, 2023
We just had a replacement solar system and JFK were superb from start to finish. Questions answered really well which gave us the confidence to proceed. We did have three other quotes but JFK just stood out that little bit more. The tradespeople involved were courteous and helpful even allowing us to clean the roof before installation. Follow ups with phone conversations and required paperwork were seamless. It is good to feel confident in a process that you are not an expert in, and JFK made us feel that way at every stage.
Wendy Hobson
Wendy Hobson
October 30, 2023
Awesome, couldn’t be happier, very competitive pricing and great service, thank you
Brant Froome
Brant Froome
October 16, 2023
JFK electrical went above and beyond to help me, with the boys working overtime to get my alfresco entertainment area finished before the weekend. The level of workmanship is nothing short of 5 stars, I will definitely be using them again for all my future electrical needs! Thanks again for all your hard work JFK!!
Ian Todd
Ian Todd
October 5, 2023
Local company with values. Used JFK Electrical to change out a solar system. Very competitively priced and easy to deal with. High quality workmanship. Definitely will be using for other electrical projects we want to do.
Steven Nikolic
Steven Nikolic
September 5, 2023
John and the team at JFK electrical have helped me a number of times now and the service, communication and quality workmanship has been outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone needing prompt and professional electrical, solar or air conditioning work done. 5 stars ⭐️
Jenny Gibson
Jenny Gibson
July 2, 2023
Thanks, John, for the terrific service offered by JFK Electrical, Air and Solar. Your recommendation of the Mitsubishi Air-Con was spot-on. The young men who installed it were cheerful and courteous and went about their work efficiently, despite the wet chilly morning. Thank you. Jenny Gibson.
Dennis Couzic
Dennis Couzic
June 22, 2023
Having just moved to Mandurah we were keen to source a team of trades that we could engage to assist us now, in our new home and also in the future when issues arise . We were very impressed with the prompt response and focussed communication with the JFK office from John and Amy . We were then fortunate to have Dave undertake our electrical work over two visits . Dave is an extraordinary tradesman . His expert command of his trade knowledge was outstanding and the speed of the work undertaken was exhausting to watch ! His work ethic was accompanied by professional preparation , he asked clear questions to ascertain our requirements, he was very conscious of safety , he simultaneously provided supervision and teaching of the young apprentices , checked with us at each stage of the completed work and carefully cleaned up following all the jobs. Dave was polite at all times and we hope we get to use his services again and your firm in the future . Thank you all for your efforts . You certainly made our tradies list and we will recommend you to others 👍 Stana and Dennis Couzic
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
May 18, 2023
Excellent work, professional and friendly. Local company, would definitely recommend.
Roy Smith
Roy Smith
April 28, 2023
Solar WiFi Installation, They had already installed solar Panels. They did a great job would highly recommend them.

Choosing Your New Air Conditioning System

At JFK Electrical, we understand that choosing an air conditioning system can be a daunting task with all the AC options on the market. When selecting the perfect climate control solution for your needs, many factors must be considered.

Just some of the things to consider include: 

  • The size of your home or office
  • The number of rooms you want to service
  • Whether aesthetic appearance is important
  • If you require zoning capabilities
  • Your ideal budget or price range 
  • How powerful your AC needs to be 
  • Specific features you’d like to have 
  • Your local climate & weather conditions 

As your trusted local air conditioning service, JFK Electrical, Solar & Air is the air conditioning installer you can rely on to help you navigate this tricky decision.

With help from our air conditioning experts, we will help you decide the best place to install the units in your home – keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics.

JFK Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Installation
Ducted Air Condition Installation

The Right Air Conditioning for West Coast Weather

Even within the Peel Region, understanding the local climate makes all the difference in getting the right air conditioner. 

For instance, a waterfront property at Halls Head or Falcon will benefit from cooling ocean breezes in summer, but in such an exposed location, may need more powerful heating in winter to stay warm. Even then, when a ‘west coast trough’ hovers over the ocean, those sea breezes die down and leave beachfront properties sweltering. 

On the other hand, inland Peel Region and Perth homes will be hit with more of those hot, dry easterly desert winds causing WA’s most scorching summer days. 

It can be very daunting to decide what type or size of air conditioning system will be best for you. But that’s why we are here! The experts at JFK Electrical can offer impartial, industry-led advice to help you find the ideal system for your home at the right price.

If you are still hesitant or need help choosing the right climate control option, please contact the JFK team. We’d love to assist our Mandurah neighbours in finding the perfect new air conditioning solution.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Mandurah

We supply and install some of Australia’s best ducted air conditioning brands at JFK Electrical. If you’ve been considering ducted AC for your Peel Region or Perth home, our technicians can answer all your questions about ducted air con. 

Do you have a large and spacious Peel Region property to cool? Building a new home and want the most up-to-date air conditioning technology? These are just some of the reasons that local homeowners choose to install ducted air conditioning. 

We also recommend ducted air conditioning systems for larger or open-plan homes where extremely powerful or multiple split system units would be needed to service the entire space. 

Compared to split air conditioning, ducted systems offer stand-out performance and energy efficiency, as well as advanced zone control to reduce energy bills. It’s no wonder that ducted air conditioning has exploded in popularity in the last decade. 

Learn more about ducted air conditioning installation below, or give us a call for an obligation-free quote.

Ducted Air Condition Installation
Breezair Air-conditioning Installation

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Through a series of ducts installed in your roof cavity, ducted air conditioning allows you to control which rooms in your home have air conditioning and how much each room gets. From these ducts, rooms can be individually heated or cooled. A reverse cycle ducted system will allow you to cool and heat your home from a centrally controlled thermostat.

At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we have been providing ducted air conditioner installations for Perth and Mandurah homes for years. Get in touch with the team at JFK today to find out if ducted air con is right for your home.

Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning

There are many benefits to installing ducted air conditioning in your home or office.

  • Discreet appearance – Ducted or central AC systems are entirely concealed beside the small climate-controlling ducts in the ceiling and a unit often stored unobtrusively outside.
  • Zoning capabilities – Ducted air con allows for control of individual room temperatures. These customised zoning capabilities mean you can keep the whole family happy by setting individual temperatures in different areas of the house.
  • Easy & universal controls – Smart AC technology allows you to change temperature and settings from the palm of your hand. Modern control systems are extremely simple to use. They ensure that the air distribution in your home is consistent and balanced, with no hot or cold spots.
  • Cost-effective cooling – Ducted air conditioners are an excellent investment, saving money on each electricity bill. Energy-efficient zone control means you can control temperatures in each zone and shut zones off when no one is using them, resulting in reduced running costs.

If you think a ducted air conditioner may be the right choice for your home or office, get in touch with our expert installation team at JFK. We can come to your Peel Region home and provide you with an obligation-free quote.

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Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Wall-mounted split system air con is most popular in homes and businesses where only individual rooms need to be heated or cooled. Many properties around Perth and Peel have these units installed, and it’s easy to see why; they combine power, convenience and affordability. 

Whether you have a residential home, unit, or commercial property to cool, a wall-mounted split system air conditioner makes a perfect and cost-effective addition. We recommend wall mounted air conditioning for most living rooms and bedrooms. 

Here at JFK, installing wall mounted split system air conditioners is our area of expertise. We’ve installed countless wall AC units for happy customers over the years and offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

Call the JFK Electrical, Solar & Air team today to book an installation quote.

How Does Split System Air Conditioning Work?

Split system air conditioners control the temperature of a single room or space through a wall-mounted unit connected to a condenser. A split air conditioning system gets its name from the indoor and outdoor units that make it up.

This style of air con uses a refrigerant to rapidly cool air passing through the system. In the condenser, the refrigerant gas is vaporised, creating a temperature drop. This reaction cools the air circulating throughout your home, and the refrigerant is turned back to a gas in the evaporator. This cycle repeats to create a consistent air conditioning effect.

JFK Electrical Solar and Air's van

Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioning

There are so many benefits that come with installing split system conditioning in your home or office:

  • Easy to install – Split system air conditioning is quick and discreet to install, meaning installation costs are lower, and it’s less disruptive to your property than installing ductwork.
  • Low cost to install and maintain – Compared with ducted AC, these split system units have lower installation, repair and replacement costs. With various models available, it is easy to find a wall-mounted air conditioner that meets your budget.
  • Flexible options – The advantage of installing a wall mounted split system is that additional units can be added to rooms or spaces in the future if desired. This lets you start small, cooling just one or two rooms, and install more units in future for a truly customised air conditioning experience. 

To get started on installing a wall-mounted split system in your home or office, give the Mandurah air conditioning experts at JFK a call and book an appointment. We will walk you through the process of choosing and installing a new wall-mounted system and help you find the best system for your needs.

To book your obligation-free quote, give us a call today!

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation Mandurah

Looking for a way to stay cool in summer and warm in winter with just one unit? Look no further than a reverse-cycle air conditioner. These units are the best of both worlds, providing all your heating and cooling needs in one convenient system. 

With average Peel region temperatures over 32°C in summer, we all know that staying cool is essential, but did you know that reverse cycle air conditioning is the most efficient way to heat your home in winter too? 

When temperatures dip below 5°C in winter, you’ll be glad to know that your reverse cycle AC can keep you toasty on the coldest mornings. 

You only have to invest in one climate control system for year-round comfort with reverse cycle technology. 

With reverse cycle AC, you’ll save on time and money by only having one unit that needs to be maintained instead of having a dedicated machine for heating and cooling.

How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

Similar to how split system air conditioners work, reverse cycle air conditioners use a refrigerant to harness the ambient temperature to change the temperature of the air being circulated throughout your home.

Inside your reverse cycle air conditioner, a refrigerant gas moves through a coil, which amplifies and absorbs ambient heat from the outdoor air. This works even if it’s not hot, making the process incredibly efficient. 

As the refrigerant heats up, it moves to the condenser. As it is condensed and compressed, it heats the air passing through it. This results in the heated air that is circulated through your home. The refrigerant is then cycled back through your system to the coil, where it can start the cycle again to produce more heat as required.

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Our Air Conditioning Installation Process

Not sure what type or size of air conditioning system you need? That’s no problem at all. At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we’re here to walk you through the process. 

As the Peel Region’s experts in all things air conditioning, our trained air con technicians work with you to determine what suits your home’s unique requirements. 

How does it work? 

  1. Reach out to us for an obligation-free quote. Our local technician will establish the size of the area, building composition and relevant environmental conditions. 
  2. professional recommendations tailored to your property. We use these heat load calculations and extensive product knowledge to recommend which kind of AC will be most efficient and effective. 
  3. Customised quote(s) created for you. We then provide you with an obligation-free quote for the supply and installation, which may include several options or price points. 
  4. Booking your new air con installation. Armed with all the information, you can choose the perfect new air con installation for your home.
  5. professional installation and advice. Finally, the JFK technicians install your new air conditioning system to perfection and give you all the information you need to use it efficiently. 

Give us a call today to get the ball rolling on your air conditioning consultation and quote.

JFK’s Trusted Air Conditioning Brands

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air are committed to providing high-quality products and services. One of our fundamental principles is to use reputable manufacturers and suppliers who have proven to honour warranties. 

For this reason, the JFK team installs only the following well-known and trusted brands for both wall-mounted and ducted AC systems:

  • Mitsubishi Electric – Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners come with the same quality and performance you associate with the name Mitsubishi while being known for their affordability and great-value range.
  • Haier – Although they don’t have the same name recognition as other brands, Haier air conditioners are sleek, modern and powerful. These quiet air conditioners provide excellent value for money and are known for their advanced smart air-con technology.
  • Fujitsu – Fujitsu is one of the most well-known names in the climate control industry. They’ve been voted Australia’s most trusted AC brand in a Reader’s Digest survey for five years running! We provide Fujitsu air conditioner installation because these air conditioners are powerful with high build quality. 
  • Daikin – Daikin is one of the leading names in the industry for wall-mounted and ducted air conditioning and is one of the most common brands we are asked about. With a 5-year parts and labour warranty, it’s no wonder Daikin is considered the top air conditioning brand in the world.

Why Choose JFK For Your Air Con Installation?

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air is a local Mandurah, WA company specialising in AC installation. Since 2017, JFK Electrical has been performing expert aircon installations in Mandurah, Cockburn, Fremantle, and Perth.

Why choose us for a split system and ducted air conditioning installation? 

Outstanding Experience 

JFK Electrical brings unparalleled experience to every installation, making us the stand-out air conditioning company in the Mandurah region. We’re qualified and confident in carrying out all your AC installation, service and repair work. Our technicians are fully licensed, certified and insured, including WA electrical contractor licensing and ARC tick air conditioning handling certification. 

Personal Commitment 

All air conditioning installations are backed by JFK founder and owner-operator John Lyons. As the owner-operator of JFK Electrical Solar & Air, John’s number one goal is to provide tailored solutions to his residential and commercial customers. With over 25 years of industry experience as an electrician and air-con professional, you’ll find every job is carried out to John’s extremely high standards. 

Up-To-Date Knowledge 

At JFK Electrical, our team continually invests in their industry knowledge, ensuring we stay up-to-date with the latest climate control innovations. From energy efficiency improvements to the latest smart air conditioning technology, we aim to offer our customers the latest in convenience and performance. 

We’re Here to Support You 

Whether installing a ducted air con or a traditional split system, we will walk you through every step of your installation process. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers updated, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed your expectations. 

If you’re looking to get started on installing a new air conditioning system, contact the JFK Electrical team today.

Perth & Peel Region’s Air Con Installation professionals

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air is proud to be a locally owned and operated business. As a family-owned local air conditioning service, we’re here to offer our community the best possible service from start to finish. 

We love living here in Mandurah and look forward to travelling across the Perth and Peel Regions daily to install and service our customers’ air conditioning systems. As a diverse and vibrant corner of Western Australia, more and more people choose to live and work here every year. 

There are over 140,000 people living in the Peel Region today, including the shires of Boddington, Murray, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Waroona and the City of Mandurah. When most of these homes need air conditioning installed or replaced at some point, our technicians are always on the move, providing obligation-free air conditioning quotes every day. 

Mandurah is one of Western Australia’s fastest-growing cities. Thousands of new homes are built each year – that means plenty of new air conditioning systems to install, many with the best modern ducted air conditioning technology. 

The Peel Development Commission’s vision is a ‘progressive, prosperous and dynamic region with a culture of care’. That’s exactly what we believe in here at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air!

As a team, we’re dedicated to supporting our local region. We aim to make every customer a customer for life, meaning we go above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We travel across southwest WA daily, including Rockingham and Port Kennedy, extending up to Cockburn, Fremantle and Perth. 

Are you looking for a new air conditioning system for your property? Just give us a call at JFK to arrange your hassle-free consultation and quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the air conditioner you need is calculated by considering the number of rooms you need to cool and the area of those rooms. However, factors like your climate, the number of windows, and ceiling height also affect the size of the air conditioning unit you need. For an accurate assessment of the air conditioner size you need, speak to one of the technicians here at JFK.
Split wall air conditioners are technically cheaper to run, but this makes sense considering they only cover a small area. Ducted air conditioning is designed to cover multiple rooms or even the whole house, so they will use more energy to cool the space. However, a ducted air con installation will have lower running costs than placing split air conditioners in every room.
No problem, we are happy to provide an obligation-free quote for installing your AC units. However, we recommend getting a quote from us before purchasing your air conditioner elsewhere, as we have access to some exceptional pricing through our industry partners.
JFK provides guidance on the operation, cleaning and warranty of your new air conditioning units during every installation. If you forget something or get stuck, our free after-sales service ensures you get the help you need.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

Ducted air conditioning can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $11,000 or more to install. The cost of ducted air conditioner installation varies depending on:

  • the size of your home and roof space
  • how many rooms are being connected to the system
  • whether you have pre-existing ductwork 

If you’re curious how much it will cost to have ducted air conditioning installed in your home, the best way to find out is to get a personalised quote. At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we can provide you with a competitive, hassle-free quote for ducted air conditioner installation in WA.

Ducted air conditioners need servicing at least every 12 months, and air filters regularly cleaned or replaced, just like any other type of air conditioner. Additionally, you’ll need to have the ductwork inspected and cleaned as part of your regular air conditioner maintenance. This keeps your central AC efficient and your indoor air quality healthy.

Yes, if installing reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, these units can heat and cool your home using the same ductwork. This avoids the need for additional heaters during the winter months and is a very energy-efficient way to heat your home.

With years of experience in the industry, we have found that Mitsubishi Electric, Haier, Fujitsu and Daikin are the best air conditioner brands in Australia. These brands have comprehensive warranties, and their products are high-quality, which is why we are thrilled to be able to provide them for homes and businesses in Perth and Mandurah.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

Typically, wall mounted air conditioners cost between $400 and $1,200 to install. However, there is a range of things that can affect the price of your installation, such as the size of the unit and any existing air conditioner infrastructure. If you’re interested in installing a wall-mounted air conditioner, get in touch with the JFK Electrical, Solar & Air team for an obligation-free quote.

The most common types of split system air conditioners include:

  • Wall-mounted split system air conditioners
  • In-ceiling cassette air conditioners
  • Floor console air conditioners 
  • Multi-split system air conditioning 

While these systems are relatively similar in how they operate, they all have distinct differences, usually in how and where they are installed. For example, wall mounted air conditioners are mounted on the wall, as you’d expect, while in-ceiling air conditioners have intake vents installed in the ceilings of your home or business.

Yes, JFK can seamlessly integrate your split system air conditioning using low-cost, world-leading MyAir technology without the need for extra wiring. We’ll take care of setting up your air con automation and teach you exactly how to use it for maximum efficiency.

The best split system air conditioner brands in Australia are Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Haier. Here at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we have worked with various air conditioning brands and have found these to be the best and most consistent brands. 

Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Haier air conditioners are powerful, consistent and affordable. We are thrilled to work with their products as part of our air conditioning installation services.

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