Solar Battery Storage In Oakley

Solar Batteries In Oakley

Did you know you can still harness your solar panels’ power at night? Enjoy 24/7 solar power access when you install solar battery storage from JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, your local solar power technicians.

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What Is Solar System Battery Storage?

If you want to get the most out of your Oakley solar panel system, be sure to include battery storage when you install your new system. You can also add a solar battery to your existing solar system to ensure you benefit around the clock.

Battery storage systems work by storing surplus solar power for your personal use, rather than exporting it to the power grid. Stored solar power is then ready to be used as required, resulting in 24/7 solar energy at your fingertips. This means you can rely on your stored power during a blackout, during cloudy days and at night.

If you already have a solar panel system installed at your Oakley home or business, do not worry. You can add battery storage to your existing solar system with a cost-effective upgrade. Alternatively, if you haven’t made the move to solar yet, you can now choose to include battery storage when selecting your new solar system.

If you want to enjoy the advantage of 24/7 solar power, get in contact with the solar experts at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air. Our team can find the perfect battery storage solution for your home or business. So call us today to start saving!

Fronius solar battery storage

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

JFK Solar Panel System

Battery storage for your solar systems effectively acts as a ‘waiting room’ for your home’s power system.

Your solar panels and inverters will use sunlight to generate electricity. This electrical current is then sent to power your home. However, sometimes your home doesn’t need all of the power straight away. When this is the case, the energy will be sent to your battery where it will be stored until it is needed.

The amount of energy you will be able to store will depend on the size of the battery you choose to install. The more you wish to decrease your carbon footprint and reduce your reliance on the main electricity grid, the bigger the battery you should opt for.

If you want to learn more about battery storage solutions or get started on installation, give our solar team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, call today.

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Fran Brolsma
Fran Brolsma
October 31, 2023
We just had a replacement solar system and JFK were superb from start to finish. Questions answered really well which gave us the confidence to proceed. We did have three other quotes but JFK just stood out that little bit more. The tradespeople involved were courteous and helpful even allowing us to clean the roof before installation. Follow ups with phone conversations and required paperwork were seamless. It is good to feel confident in a process that you are not an expert in, and JFK made us feel that way at every stage.
Wendy Hobson
Wendy Hobson
October 30, 2023
Awesome, couldn't be happier, very competitive pricing and great service, thank you
Brant Froome
Brant Froome
October 16, 2023
JFK electrical went above and beyond to help me, with the boys working overtime to get my alfresco entertainment area finished before the weekend. The level of workmanship is nothing short of 5 stars, I will definitely be using them again for all my future electrical needs! Thanks again for all your hard work JFK!!
Ian Todd
Ian Todd
October 5, 2023
Local company with values. Used JFK Electrical to change out a solar system. Very competitively priced and easy to deal with. High quality workmanship. Definitely will be using for other electrical projects we want to do.
Steven Nikolic
Steven Nikolic
September 5, 2023
John and the team at JFK electrical have helped me a number of times now and the service, communication and quality workmanship has been outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone needing prompt and professional electrical, solar or air conditioning work done. 5 stars ⭐️
Jenny Gibson
Jenny Gibson
July 2, 2023
Thanks, John, for the terrific service offered by JFK Electrical, Air and Solar. Your recommendation of the Mitsubishi Air-Con was spot-on. The young men who installed it were cheerful and courteous and went about their work efficiently, despite the wet chilly morning. Thank you. Jenny Gibson.
Dennis Couzic
Dennis Couzic
June 22, 2023
Having just moved to Mandurah we were keen to source a team of trades that we could engage to assist us now, in our new home and also in the future when issues arise . We were very impressed with the prompt response and focussed communication with the JFK office from John and Amy . We were then fortunate to have Dave undertake our electrical work over two visits . Dave is an extraordinary tradesman . His expert command of his trade knowledge was outstanding and the speed of the work undertaken was exhausting to watch ! His work ethic was accompanied by professional preparation , he asked clear questions to ascertain our requirements, he was very conscious of safety , he simultaneously provided supervision and teaching of the young apprentices , checked with us at each stage of the completed work and carefully cleaned up following all the jobs. Dave was polite at all times and we hope we get to use his services again and your firm in the future . Thank you all for your efforts . You certainly made our tradies list and we will recommend you to others 👍 Stana and Dennis Couzic
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
May 18, 2023
Excellent work, professional and friendly. Local company, would definitely recommend.
Roy Smith
Roy Smith
April 28, 2023
Solar WiFi Installation, They had already installed solar Panels. They did a great job would highly recommend them.

Why Should You Get Solar Battery Storage?

Battery storage is now an affordable way to solve your energy needs. You can become less reliant on the grid and have 24/7 solar power access when you incorporate battery storage into your solar system. Technology has also developed quickly so over the past few years the prices of a battery system have fallen.

When you make the smart choice to add battery storage to your solar system you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Further protection from rising electricity costs
  • Saving money around the clock
  • 24/7 reliance on solar power instead of the grid
  • Power during emergencies and blackouts
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

If you want to enjoy these benefits, it’s time to consider battery storage for your solar panel system. They are the ultimate solution to your energy needs.

To get a free quote or learn more about battery storage for your solar system, give the solar experts at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air a call today to start enjoying these benefits.

Solar panels installed on a commercial building's rooftop

Battery Storage Brands We Stock

SENEC energy storage solutions


SENEC is world-renowned for its innovative energy storage solutions. SENEC’s smart memory-based energy solutions allow users to generate, use, and share their sustainable energy with ease.

The SENEC Solar Batteries are compatible with all systems and manufacturers. They offer batteries in various shapes and sizes so there is a storage solution for every home. Their advanced technology can cycle the battery twice a day to ensure you get through peak periods.

When you install a SENEC battery you also get access to their exclusive app which enables you to view and control your power supply and keep track of your savings.

You will also enjoy a 20 year extended warranty with any SENEC battery and customer support straight from their WA based office in Osborne Park.


BYD Battery Box is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries. They have created battery storage products that can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

The cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery from BYD provides the best safety, life cycle, and power. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures and situations due to its chemical stability and universal design.

The huge discharge capacity eliminates the need for energy for operation. Whether you’re powering a remote resort or using it as a backup for critical loads, BYD has the right storage for you.

JFK Solar System Battery Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop

Is battery storage an option for my Oakley home?

Yes, small batteries are now available to provide solar energy storage for residential solar systems. By adding a battery to your solar system you will increase the system size and, as a result, increase savings during the system’s lifetime. Contact JFK Electrical, Solar & Air for trusted advice on a battery storage solution that will suit your needs.

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