Best Solar Panels in Australia: Top 14 Models in 2022

Best Solar Panels in Australia

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With the ever-growing popularity of solar power, it’s important to choose the best type of solar panel for your home. We’ve put together a list of the best solar panels in Australia, based on several factors, including type, warranties, efficiency and brand.

The REC Alpha Pure Series, the LONGi Hi-MO4 range and the Q CELLS Q.PEAK series are our picks for the best solar panels in Australia in 2022. They provide excellent quality and efficiency with low degradation rates and extensive product warranties.

Want to know more about what makes these solar panels the best in Australia? Read on for our complete breakdown of the best solar panel models in 2022.

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What is the Best Type of Solar Panel for Homes?

The best type of solar panel for homes is monocrystalline panels because they can generate more power over time. Mono solar panels are more compact, making them perfect for residential roofs, and generally last longer than other types of solar panels.

Monocrystalline solar panels are much more efficient than their polycrystalline counterparts and can withstand higher temperatures. The notable downside to monocrystalline solar panels is that they are more expensive to buy and install than polycrystalline panels.

However, considering solar panels are a long-term investment, monocrystalline panels are the better option for home solar PV systems in the long run.

How Do I Choose the Best Solar Panel for My Home?

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the best solar panel for your home. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose the right type of solar panel for your home, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or the most efficient panel on the market.

Investing in solar panels and inverters is not a quick or easy choice, you’ll need to consider various factors before settling on a brand and model. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best solar panel for your home.

Type of Solar Panel

There are many different solar panels, with lots of variance between them. Although they both appear to be normal solar panels, an AC mono solar panel functions very differently from a DC poly panel. If you are concerned about the look of your home, solar shingles are also a consideration in place of panels.

More often than not, standard monocrystalline solar panels are the best bet for affordable, efficient panels and will pay for themselves. However, there are situations where a polycrystalline panel may be the better option, such as for larger roofs or if you want to be able to change modules in the future. Ultimately, it’s best to discuss with your solar panel installer to ensure the panels you get to cover your needs.

Solar Manufacturer Tier

Solar panel tiers refer to their ranking based on the BloombergNEF solar panel tier list. The tiers apply to the solar panel manufacturer, with tier 1 solar panels being produced by the top 2% of manufacturers while tier 3 panels are made by the bottom 90% of solar panel manufacturers.

While the solar tier doesn’t relate to the quality of the individual panel, there is usually a strong correlation. Tier 1 solar manufacturers are going to produce high-quality panels. However, it’s important to do your research when choosing solar panels to ensure the panels you have installed have the features and efficiency you require for your home.

Output & Efficiency

Choosing a solar panel with sufficient efficiency and output is essential when choosing a model. A highly efficient solar panel will produce more energy by absorbing more sunlight and save you enough money to pay them off sooner.

Output is another essential factor to consider. Your solar panels will need to produce the right amount of energy you need, as well as suiting the capacity of your solar inverter or battery system.

Solar Panel Brand

The solar panel brand you choose is an important decision. Different solar panel brands have different compatibility and warranties, so it’s essential to consider the brand and what they provide before you commit to one.

More prominent brands like REC and Q CELLS will provide better warranties for a higher quality product. However, higher-quality brands will affect how much solar panels are to buy, so it’s important to find a solar panel brand with the features you need at a price you can afford.

When you are getting your solar panels installed, it’s recommended to speak with a local solar panel specialist. They can help guide you in the right direction by listening to the factors that are important to you and recommend the best solar panels for your needs.

Number & Size of Panels

The number and size of solar panels you can fit on your roof will affect the panel you choose as you’ll want to make the most out of the roof space you have. You’ll need to find solar panels with the output and efficiency to generate the power you need with the space you have.

Every roof is different, so it can be difficult to pick a one-size-fits-all solution for the solar panel you need. However, talking to a solar panel specialist can help you calculate how much energy you need to generate and design a solar PV system to hit that target. 


The climate you live in will greatly affect the solar panel you choose. You will need to ensure that your solar panels can withstand the weather where you live. Some solar panel models excel in harsh sunlight, while others are less resilient to direct sunlight but can function much better in shady areas. 

Make sure you discuss the amount of light your roof usually gets with your solar panel provider to ensure they have the right panel for you that will generate the most power, given your local climate.

What Are the Best Solar Panels in Australia?

The top-rated and most often recommended solar panels in Australia as as follows:

1. REC Alpha Pure Series

The REC Alpha Pure series of solar panels are produced by the REC Group, a solar manufacturing company headquartered in Norway since 1996. REC is a world-renowned manufacturer of solar panels with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

The REC Alpha Pure series of solar panels utilise Heterojunction cell technology, a revolutionary type of solar cell that improves energy conversion efficiency and increases output by up to 22.5%. This makes the Alpha Pure series some of the most powerful and efficient solar panels.

The REC Alpha Pure solar panel is made with thick and durable connections, an aluminium backing and solid glass, but with a sleek and professional design. These solar panels feature just as well on homes for families wanting to save money.

Efficiency: Up to 22.2%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 92% after 25 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

REC Alpha Pure Series Reviews:

“Chose the REC Alpha Pure panels. Had a high Power output warrantied at 92% at 25 years (one of the highest around), and a high Panel Efficiency at 21.6. They look great in the black. Had the panels for a month now, and every day they are exceeding what was expected. The battery gets full by lunchtime (on a good day), and we are selling back to the grid daily.” – Phil, SolarQuotes 

“Premium REC Alpha panels, award-winning, innovative and industry leading technology. We’re really happy with their high consistent power output, we monitor the performance of our panels through our Solar Analytics installation.” – Geoffrey, SolarQuotes

“The REC365AA Alpha look very modern, are performing well despite winter shadowing. The Clenergy black mounting add to the overall clean lines and orienting the panels in landscape enabled 18 panels to sit on main house roof. […] Panels have performed extremely well even on overcast days.” – Brenda, SolarQuotes

“Awesome panels, not as expensive as the top LG and better looking in our opinion, very comparable to LG as far as quality too, great degradation rate, 25 year warranty, etc, REC Alpha Black are worth the little bit extra to pay compared to other brands like Jinko, Trina, etc. Made in Singapore which is great.” – Rebecca & Phil, SolarQuotes

“Refining an already impeccable design that further enhances Efficiency characteristics, the REC Alpha Pure series earns a Solar Analytica Editors Choice Award for 2022 as a superior product within the industry.” –Solar Analytica


The Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G10 is one of the leading solar products sold by Q CELLS, the specialist solar company. These powerful solar panels are built to last, can produce high amounts of energy and are rated for extreme weather.

Q CELLS solar panels are known for their cutting-edge technology, and the Q.PEAK DUO G10 solar panels showcase that fact prominently. These panels utilise proprietary Q.ANTUM technology, which helps to increase their efficiency and power output.

Efficiency: Up to 21.2%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 86% after 30 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes


“The Q.PEAK series offers good value for solar buyers looking for a 25-year product warranty but don’t want to pay the premium for the top of the line solutions (like SunPower or LG). In our opinion at Solar Choice, Q Cells offer a good middle range between your standard tier 1 cost-effective brand and the expensive premium options.” –Solar Choice AU

“Overall, the latest product from Q CELLS is an excellent panel that compares favorably to other “premium” brands. If your installer offers a Q CELLS model that’s a generation or two older such as the G9 or G8 series, you can expect performance to be slightly worse but you might get a significantly better price too.” – TheSolarNerd

“Q Cells seeks to tick the boxes of many investors by introducing a plethora of options under the Q.PEAK DUO-G10 umbrella. Fundamentally, all G10 models incorporate an M6 wafer design (G9 – M4 wafer, 161.7mm) further enhancing efficiency in line with the global market shift of improved power density.” –Solar Analytica

3. Trina Solar Vertex S+ Solar Panels

The Trina Vertex S+ solar panels are the company’s newest addition to their product lineup. It uses multi-busbar technology to increase light absorption and power output, significantly increasing potential power output and efficiency.

The Vertex S+ panels, made by Trina Solar, feature a Dual Glass design, which reduces the deterioration of the backsheet, which helps improve the life of the unit while improving its resistance to micro-cracks and scratches. This also improves its durability against harsh weather conditions and environments, like salt, hot weather, high humidity, sand and ammonia. 

The bifacial cells used in these panels are also highly efficient, allowing more light to be absorbed than ever before.

Efficiency: Up to 21.9%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 87.4% after 30 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Trina Solar Vertex Series Reviews

“With the new Vertex range of high-performance panels, Trina Solar has become one of the industry leaders in PV cell innovations […] Additionally, being one of the top 5 manufacturers globally and showing very good results in the PVEL independent testing program provides extra confidence that Trina panels will perform well for many years.” –Clean Energy Reviews

“While Trina Solar panels don’t offer industry-leading efficiency or performance, they are a leading brand in terms of total solar installations across the world […] and can be a smart choice for homeowners who are interested in an economical solar panel installation.” –Energy Sage

“I have no problems recommending Trina solar panels as they have a cost effective combination of price and reliability. While there are panels out there I consider likely to be more reliable, you will have to pay a premium for them.” – Finn Peacock, SolarQuotes

4. SUNTECH Superpoly Series

The SUNTECH Superpoly solar panels are some of the most specialised low-light performance solar panels currently available. They utilise highly efficient poly PERC cells to boost their energy generation in high and low light levels.

The SUNTECH Superpoly solar panels are also lightweight and durable, making them a great choice for any roof or structure. These models are certified to endure severe weather conditions, like heavy wind, rain and snow.

Efficiency: Up to 17.8%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 80.7% after 25 years
Warranty: 12-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

SUNTECH Superpoly Series Reviews:

“Suntech are a low cost, reasonable solar panel from a Tier One manufacturer. The poor history of bad debt and bankruptcy is difficult to forget about. […] Many of these alternatives also have a much more attractive history and offer better security.” –GI Energy AU

5. Panasonic EverVolt Series

The Panasonic EverVolt series of solar panels boast a 0.26/°C temperature coefficient, one of the most impressive on the market. This temperature coefficient allows them to produce more energy at higher temperatures.

In combination with HTJ cell technology, the Panasonic EverVolt series can generate massive amounts of power even in harsh sunlight. Backed with the Panasonic name, you can be sure that these panels are of the highest quality and performance.

Efficiency: Up to 21.7%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 92% after 25 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Panasonic EverVolt Series Reviews:

“Panasonic solar panels are some of the most competitively priced panels offered to solar shoppers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. They offer some of the highest efficiency products on the market for a very competitive price, especially when compared to other high-efficiency products like SunPower. Additionally, they have an industry-leading warranty of 25 years. Overall, there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider Panasonic panels for your home solar installation.” –Energy Sage

6. Sunpower Maxeon 5

The Sunpower Maxeon 5 is one of the most premium solar panels available on the market today. With a low degradation rate, the Maxeon 5 is a great choice for those looking for a long-term investment in solar energy and who aren’t afraid to spend more for it.

The Maxeon 5 solar panel is manufactured by Sunpower, a company with over 30 years of experience in the solar industry. Sunpower Maxeon solar panels feature a nearly unmatched build quality. Sunpower Maxeon solar panels combine strength and reliability with an aesthetic design using thick connections, solid metal backing and a panel with no visible gridlines.

The biggest difference with Sunpower Maxeon 5 solar panels is that each panel is fitted with a microinverter. Each AC module functions independently, meaning the system is more reliable, and efficiency is maximised – producing up to 35% more energy over the first 20 years – but this set-up does come with a much higher price tag than standard solar panels.

Efficiency: Up to 22.5%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 92% after 25 years
Warranty: 40-year product and performance warranty, 25-year warranty on integrated microinverter
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Sunpower Maxeon 5 Reviews:

“Personally, I love SunPower panels. However, their top-end Maxeon panels are very pricey. Expect to pay three times more per watt than a good budget panel.” – Finn Peacock, Founder of SolarQuotes

“Having paid top dollars for a premium system I expected more interest from the company in explaining things and sorting out the problems” – Ronald, SolarQuotes 

“We went for Maxeon 5 by Sunpower – very high efficiency, good lifespan, low rate of degradation (and with integrated microinverters). So far, they have performed excellently.” – Gary, SolarQuotes 

“The look beautiful being an all black shiny finish…just one thing….they are susceptible to retaining hand prints during install that need to be washed off with soap and water.” – John, SolarQuotes

7. LG NeON R

The NeON R solar panels made by LG feature a unique design that makes them stand out from the crowd. They use back-contact technology that increases the amount of light the panel can absorb, increasing their overall performance and efficiency.

These panels also have noticeably better performance in higher temperature climates. In addition, the NeON R range has excellent low light tolerances, allowing them to function better than competing models in the shade and areas with low light.

Note: as of February 2022, LG has announced that it will wind up its solar panel manufacturing, but will continue to provide support for existing customers.

Efficiency: Up to 22.00%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 90.8% after 25 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

LG NeON R Reviews:

“When nothing short of Elite module specifications are an essential requirement, the LG NeON R has proven to remain the pinnacle of the LG Solar range since 2017. Premium N-Type cells with no busbar obstruction through integrated back contact design, the LG NeON R is a dependable long-term energy harvesting investment.” –Solar Analytica

 8. Jinko Tiger N Type

The Jinko Tiger N Type solar panels are one of the standout solar panel models produced by Jinko solar. Featuring a unique 60-cell design, they offer excellent performance and efficiency in both shaded and open areas.

Jinko utilises N-type solar cell technology for their Tiger series of solar panels, offering increased performance and efficiency over traditional P-type solar panels. The 60-cell design also allows for a significantly larger panel size than traditional 28-cell panels – meaning that the Tiger N Type solar panels can generate more power per square metre.

Efficiency: Up to 21.22%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 87.4% after 30 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Jinko Tiger N Type Reviews:

“With Jinko Solar’s good track record and solid market position, they are certainly one of the better choices for those looking for reliable, cost-effective solar panels. In particular, the Tiger range of panels which have already proven to be a very popular choice for residential and commercial installations.” –Clean Energy Reviews

“The Tiger Neo is Jinko’s next-generation N-Type module targeted primarily towards Industry/ Utility-scale systems with one variant 54HC the likely best choice for residential systems. An overall Elite edition to the Jinko range.” –Solar Analytica

9. Hyundai VG Series

The Hyundai VG Series solar panels are a high-quality option for anyone looking for efficient and reliable solar panels. The VG series uses advanced shingled technology to increase their power output, making them incredibly efficient at generating power in low-light areas.

The Hyundai VG Series solar panels feature an impressive build quality, making them capable of withstanding high winds and heavy snow loads. Their resistance to ammonia makes them as suited for coastal homes as they are inland.

Efficiency: Up to 20.9%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Hyundai VG Series Reviews:

“Hyundai is generally regarded as one of the higher quality solar panel manufacturers producing reliable and efficient panels based on proven solar PV technology. The shingled cells used by Hyundai offer a number of benefits over the more common split cell panels including improved shade tolerance and increased reliability due to a reduced risk of hot spots and micro-cracks throughout the life of the panel.” –Clean Energy Reviews

“The panels are priced competitively, and their quality and warranties are impressive. If you are looking for top-notch panels on a budget, Hyundai panels are an excellent choice.” –GoSolarQuotes AU

10. Solarwatt Vision Pure

Solarwatt Vision Pure solar panels are designed for users who want the best possible performance in their solar power system. Solarwatt Vision Pure solar panels are made with the latest in solar technology, giving you the best chance of producing plenty of solar power to offset your electricity usage.

The design behind the Solarwatt Vision Pure solar panels is to maximise longevity. These panels are built to handle intense mechanical stress and UV protection, meaning they can last for many years.

Efficiency: Up to 20.2%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 87% after 30 years
Warranty: 30-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Solarwatt Vision Pure Reviews:

“Solarwatt’s solar panels are one of the highest quality solar panels on the Australian market. A fair case could be made that they are the best. In particular, their market-leading 30-year product and performance warranty is a significant leap beyond most tier 1 panels.” –Solar Choice AU

11. Winaico Gemini

With a maximum system voltage of 1000v, the Winaico Gemini is a force to be reckoned with. This powerful solar panel is a top-of-the-range investment for those who have no financial restrictions on their solar choices. 

The Winaico Gemini use specialised reflective wires that significantly boost the amount of light these panels can absorb compared to standard busbars. In combination with their overall build quality, these panels will excel at generating solar energy for decades to come.

Efficiency: Up to 20.34%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 85.28% after 25 years
Warranty: 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Winaico Gemini Reviews:

“Winaico may not have the high production volumes and advertising force of the bigger brands, but they do have a good reputation for quality and reliability, which is now backed by a longer 25-year product warranty.” –Clean Energy Reviews

“Winaico has been very consistent as well with little or no failures or control issues. Like all quality solar products, Winaico does come at a higher price than much of the competition but paying slightly more is worth it for the longer-term gains and peace of mind.” –Solar Choice AU

12. Phono Twin Plus

The Phono Twin Plus series of solar panels represents some of the best performance you can find on the market today. These 144 cell solar panels are PID resistant and offer one of the highest power outputs in their class.

These salt mist certified solar panels have been praised as a EUPD research top brand PV module every year since 2018, reflecting their overall quality and efficiency. This is one of the standout models produced by Phono Solar

However, Phono has limited penetration in the Australian market, so they’re both scarce and have limited support available. Photo only has a virtual office in Australia and no established location or presence. 

Efficiency: Up to 20.17%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Warranty: 15-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Phono Twin Plus Reviews:

“In general, we would consider Phono Solar’s panels to be a mid-range option that could be worth going for if offered at an attractive price. […] If your installer goes bust, you may have some issues claiming under this policy as their warranty services are completed by a distributor.” –Solar Choice AU

13. Canadian Solar HiKu Series

The Canadian Solar HiKu solar panels are rated as both efficient and well-built. Solar panels made by Canadian Solar are built to last, and the HiKu series is no different.

These solar panels are built with 132 dual cells and are resistant to thermal shock and moisture, with enhanced micro-crack resistance to help improve long-term durability. With module power up to 500w, the HiKu solar panels are long-lasting.

Efficiency: Up to 21.9%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Warranty: 12-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

Canadian HiKu Series Reviews:

“Canadian Solar panels are generally very well regarded among consumers and solar professionals and considered great value for money.” –Clean Energy Reviews

“For 12 months they have been very efficiently using the sun to our advantage. on clear days we always hit 5kw and on cloudy days, they still catch a certain amount of energy. Very happy.” – J, SolarQuotes

“1 year on and we have had no issues with our panels at all and they continue to generate efficiently, maxing out the capacity of the converter regularly during the typical times. They have also held up against a number of storms with relatively small hail recently, not sustaining any damage.” – Thomas, SolarQuotes

14. SERAPHIM S3 Series

The Seraphim S3 series of solar panels is a bifacial half-cell series of solar panels manufactured by Seraphim Energy. These advanced solar panels can generate massive amounts of power on residential roofs, lawns, asphalt ground and aluminium foil roofs.

These panels feature Class A fire resistance with excellent low-light performance. With an output of up to 445W, the Seraphim S3 series are some of the most powerful panels available, and are used heavily for commercial applications. However, it is possible to install them for residential use.

Efficiency: Up to 20.86%
Degradation Rate: Guaranteed 84.8% after 25 years
Warranty: 15-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
BNEF Tier 1 Company: Yes

SERAPHIM S3 Series Reviews:

“No known issues with the panels. Due to the orientation of our unit, we have an east-west installation of the panels – 8 east, 10 west. Today, with clear skies and 24degrees we still peaked at approx 4.8kW. Even now, at 3.10pm we’re still generating 4.3kW.” – Kym, SolarQuotes

“They look quite good with the black outer channel. I have monitored the performance of our 6.6KW system since the installment and on a great summers day in the warmer months when the sun is high in the sky the maximum KW I have seen generated is 5.5KW. This is down to about 4KW maximum when the sun is lower in the sky. Even with these readings it is helping with our electricity bills at present.” – Greg, SolarQuotes

“The panels are producing more energy than I expected. I am now waiting for prices of batteries to drop to an acceptable level and possibly go off grid mostly. I produce enough energy to store all of my overnight usage.” – Ian, SolarQuotes

What Are the Best Solar Panel Brands in Australia?

The best solar panel brands in Australia are REC, Jinko, Q-CELLS and LONGi solar panels. These companies offer the widest range of solar panels that feature high efficiency and low degradation rates covered by extensive warranties.

REC Solar Panels

Founded in 1996, REC Group has become one of the world’s most respected solar panel manufacturers. With over 25 years of experience in the solar industry, REC solar panels are widely recognised for their high efficiency and low degradation rates, making them the perfect choice for any solar system requiring premium performance.

Pros of REC Solar Panels

Some of the positives about REC solar panels are:

  • 25-year linear performance warranty
  • Exceptional durability
  • High-efficiency ratings
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • Excel in high-temperature climates

Cons of REC Solar Panels

Some of the negatives about REC solar panels are:

  • Priced similarly to other high-quality panels on the market
  • Lacks reliable long term tech support compared to other top brands
  • No models beyond 450w which may be limiting for some customers

REC Solar Panel Ratings

Solar Choice Installer’s Choice Award 2022: Silver Medal, ‘Money’s No Object’ Category 

Solar Choice Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Q-Cells Solar Panels

Q-CELLS is a leading provider of solar panels in the United States. As a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, Q-CELLS produces high-end solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial use. With a comprehensive range of models, Q-CELLS is the perfect choice for anyone needing solar panels that will last.

Pros of Q-Cells Solar Panels

Some of the biggest benefits of Q-CELLS solar panels include:

  • Being a tier 1 panel manufacturer, meaning that Q-CELLS products are of the highest quality
  • Unmatched performance, as stated by PV Evolution Labs, an independent solar panel reliability testing lab
  • Very affordable for a top-end solar panel

Cons of Q-Cells Solar Panels

The downsides of Q-CELL solar panels include:

  • Only monocrystalline solar panels are available

Q Cells Solar Panel Ratings

Solar Choice Installer’s Choice Award 2022: Bronze Medal, ‘Money’s No Object’ Category & Bronze Medal, ‘Every Dollar Counts’ Category 

Solar Choice Customer Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars (1236 Ratings)

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing solar panels since 2006. Jinko has become one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers and supplies its panels to over 80 countries. With a range of durable and efficient models, a Jinko solar panel system is a great addition to any home.

Pros of Jinko Solar Panels

The benefits of Jinko solar panels include:

  • Panels are available in a range of sizes from 60 to 340 watts
  • 20-year linear performance warranty
  • Affordable prices
  • Exceptional quality control

Cons of Jinko Solar Panels

The main cons of Jinko solar panels are:

  • Shorter warranty than other top brands
  • Sometimes used by low-quality solar installers

Jinko Solar Panel Ratings

Solar Choice Installer’s Choice Award 2022: Silver Medal, ‘Every Dollar Counts’ Category 

Solar Choice Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars (1816 Ratings)

Trina Solar Panels

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is one of the world’s largest and most experienced solar panel manufacturers. With a global workforce of over 17,000 and manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand and Vietnam, Trina Solar has shipped over 100GW of panels worldwide. In 2021, the company was ranked second for global shipments and continues to be a leading player in the solar industry.

Pros of Trina Solar Panels

The benefits of Trina solar panels include:

  • One of the best value solar brands on the market 
  • Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer 
  • Company is very financially stable 
  • Leader in sustainable solar panel products 
  • 15 to 25 year warranty

 Cons of Trina Solar Panels

The main cons of Trina solar panels are:

  • Slightly higher degradation rate than alternatives 
  • Occasional quality issues with backsheet in the past (panels manufactured between 2011 and 2014)

Trina Solar Panel Ratings

Solar Choice Installer’s Choice Award 2022: Gold Medal, ‘Every Dollar Counts’ Category 

Solar Choice Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars (1436 Ratings)

What Are the Worst Solar Panel Mistakes to Avoid?

The biggest mistake solar panel owners make is working with a provider that does not have a good reputation. Using a ‘cheap solar installer’ may seem like a great idea to save money, but between poor-quality panels and installations, you can often be left paying more to undo the mistakes of a poor-quality installer.

Because solar panels are so popular, there has been an influx of installers offering what appear to be great deals on solar panels. Unfortunately, these deals are too good to be true, with many cutting corners to provide the low prices you pay.

Subcontracting to inexperienced installers is one way dodgy solar companies can charge so little, but working with inexperienced installers can be a huge mistake that can lead to solar panels being installed incorrectly, resulting in damage to your home or business.

To ensure that your solar panels are properly installed, it is important to only work with a reputable solar company with a proven track record of quality installations. To speak to a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, you can call the team here at JFK Electrical.

Related Questions

Who Is the Biggest Solar Company in Australia?

Tindo Solar is the biggest Australian solar panel manufacturing company. Tindo Solar is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia where they produce their solar panels and has been operational since 2011. Tindo Solar employs over 200 people and has a distribution network that stretches throughout the country.

Which Country Makes the Best Solar Panels?

China produces some of the best solar panels in the world, like Suntech and Jinko Solar panels. The Chinese government has put a significant focus on solar energy as they have over a third of the world’s solar capacity. Solar panels made in China are highly efficient and durable to accommodate the high demand.


This article is published in good faith and for general informational purposes only. JFK Electrical does not make any warranties about the ongoing completeness and reliability of this information. Always seek personalised advice on solar energy to ensure any recommendations suit your property and scenario.

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