EV Charger – Home Installation

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Did you know…

1 in 4 Australians have considered switching over to an electric vehicle? In 2022 the number of EV’s on Australian roads nearly doubled, growing from 44,000 to more than 83,000.

Whilst Australia has seen a slower uptake with EV’s compared to Europe and China, we are still seeing growth in the market, and this is leading to more owners installing a home EV charger. With fuel prices continuing to increase, we are seeing many more Australians purchasing electric vehicles.

Additionally, you can save on costs when charging your EV at home with Synergy’s EV Add On Plan, this is a time use plan designed specifically for EV owners to reduce costs.

We’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to get your EV home charger installed? JFK are ready to help you make the smart switch!

Installing a home EV charger means you won’t have to pay to use public EV charging points. Charging an electric vehicle at home is significantly cheaper than using public EV charging points.

Smart chargers can be used for charging EVs at home quickly, and at a time that suits you. A smart charger gives you the power to decide when you charge and maximise EV charging at times when the demand for electricity is low, saving on your electricity costs if you are on a time of use tariff.

Although you may consider an EV home charger an expensive option in comparison to regular charging, we believe it’s worth the investment in the long run. Plus, getting a home EV charging point is a great way to increase your property value whilst reaping the benefits if you decide to sell.

Also, for your convenience, Smartphone apps are available for all home electric vehicles chargers allowing you to schedule specific charging times that suit you and your home setup, so you can set your EV to charge overnight without any of your time wasted waiting at public charging stations. Also, another point to consider is not all public EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles. Having an EV Charger installed in your home gives you the peace of mind knowing you can always charge your vehicle when needed in the time that suits you.

Having a home EV charger installed in your home is the safest way to charge an electric car through a dedicated home charge point. All home EV chargers need to be installed by an accredited electrician which ensures maximum safety.

Our Top Tips

Get the most out of your home EV Charger with these top 5 tips!

  1. Take advantage of incentives and utilise solar power to help offset the costs of home charging.
  2. Het help to select charger to suit your needs.
  3. Time your charging – plan when to plug in and out to get the best electricity rate.
  4. Control your home charging from your smartphone and save on energy costs.
  5. Keep an eye on the charge level and unplug the charger once it reaches the full charge.

How long do EV’s take to charge?

Charging time for EVs depends on what kind of electric vehicle you have and where you’re charging your EV.
Using a regular wall socket at home is the slowest method to charge your EV, but if you leave it charging over night it will generally reach a full charge. However, making the decision to have your own EV Charger installed in your home will dramatically reduce your charging time. A high-powered EV Charger has the capacity to charge between 5 to 15 times faster than a regular outlet!

Can you use your Solar Panels to charge your Electric Vehicle?

Yes, you can! With the right set up you can use the suns energy to charge your EV during the day. For more information regarding Solar vs EV Charging please give us a call to speak to one of our friendly staff.

Which EV Chargers can we supply and install?

You can trust JFK to only supply and install the best EV Chargers on the market.

We are proud to offer the following EV Chargers to our customers;

Call the JFK team today to discuss your home EV Charging options, we will always provide you with honest and reliable advice.

08 9500 5850 | info@jfkelectrical.com.au |

To view the EV chargers we can supply, please click the following link; https://jfkelectrical.com.au/ev-chargers/


This article is published in good faith and for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute an estimate or quote for any specific service. This article is not intended to replace consultation with a licensed technician. 

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