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Life just got more comfortable with MyAir Home Automation! MyAir is JFK’s premium home air conditioning management system, designed in Australia with the harsh Australian climate in mind.

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MyAir Conditioning & Climate Control Solutions

The MyAir technology is the only Advantage Air control system integrating with MyPlace, making your home the ultimate comfort zone. The MyAir system allows your home to be divided into up to 10 Zones, which will enable you to set individual room temperatures and airflow settings.

The system is further optimised with individual room sensors that provide maximum efficiency and the ultimate personalisation of comfort within the home. Controlled by the 8 inch home hub tablet or on the go app, MyAir transforms your home and allows you to relax with next-level comfort.

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About MyAir Control System

The MyAir 5 comes with the MyPlace app, which turns most smartphones or tablets into remote controls.

This allows you to control the entire system from the palm of your hand, even when you’re not at home. It creates the perfect balance between minimising running costs and maximising comfort.

In addition to operating your ducted air conditioning system, the device can also be used as an android tablet, giving you complete control over all your smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

MyPlace App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices iOS7 and Android V4 or higher.

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Benefits of MyAir Conditioning

  • Integration

    A major benefit of the MyAir system is that it integrates with major air conditioning brands such as Dakin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Hitachi. The MyAir touchscreen will then control both the air-conditioning unit and air management system, eliminating the need for two control panels.

  • Precision Airflow

    Thanks to Advantage Air's unique Exact Air Regulator (EAR) you can also adjust how much air each room receives using MyAir. It uses modern technology that allows you to modify the airflow to any room in 5% increments, which is generally reserved for commercial high-rise buildings. You obtain your target temperature as effectively as possible since the air goes where it is needed.

  • Zoning

    MyAir allows you to create up to ten zones within a home, enabling you to regulate each area separately, enhancing comfort and efficiency. This saves you energy when not all zones are in use. You may even save energy while being comfortable by running the system only in the rooms you use with MyAir zone management.

Upgrading to Smart Automation (MyAir)

The control system of any ducted air conditioning system determines the functionality and efficiency of performance. Upgrading your existing system to MyAir can provide long term benefits of increased comfort, temperature control, functionality and running costs.

As ducting and outlets typically outlast the air conditioning system’s lifespan, it can be a good time to upgrade to MyAir while replacing your old existing system. Additional outlets and zones can be added to increase the comfort of your home further.

You can use the MyAir system with MyPlace to automate many everyday devices in your home, including lighting, garage door, and power outlets.

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