SENEC Solar Battery Review: 2023 Product Guide  

SENEC Solar Battery

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With developments in solar power and battery technology, and many households in Australia trying to produce energy with a solar power system, having a SENEC solar battery is now becoming more important.

If you can tap into this energy and store it for later use, solar energy can provide even more value to your home or business. And that is exactly what a SENEC solar battery is all about.

A SENEC solar battery is a powerful storage device that can be added to your existing solar system to store any excess energy generated. This stored energy can be drawn from the battery when your home uses more power than your panels can generate. 

If you’re curious about reducing your electricity bills by getting a SENEC solar battery, this review is for you. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this technology and how to improve your power self-sufficiency with this battery. Read on.

What is a SENEC Battery? 

SENEC solar batteries are German-engineered solar batteries used to store energy from solar panels that are not used right away. With a large storage capacity, you can use these batteries to draw stored energy to minimise the amount required from the grid, saving you hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bills.

A SENEC battery features a multi-award-winning technology that can cycle the battery twice a day. It’s also engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles, twice the capacity of its leading competitors. This is especially helpful when your energy usage is high, making it one of the best solar batteries in Australia

Furthermore, a SENEC battery is rechargeable and automatically works day and night. You don’t have to do anything as it can manage your power needs. Also, this battery can work with and is compatible with all systems, no matter the manufacturer. Whether you have a new solar system or an existing one, it’s easy to retrofit a SENEC battery and upgrade it after installation. It also comes in assorted sizes, so you’ll find one that fits your household needs.

The Clean Energy Council has approved every SENEC solar battery sold in Australia. This signifies the product’s high quality since it passed all the safety and quality checks. In addition, it performs well under the country’s extreme weather and climate conditions.

SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid 

The SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid is a solar battery with a combined battery inverter and a PV. It’s a modular all-in-one system with battery modules and a battery management system. This means that you don’t need to purchase these components separately, which can be costly. 

When you buy a SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid unit, it comes with a 10-year warranty, but you can extend it to 20 years. A SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid has unlimited solar recharging cycles. In this modular system, you can add to its storage capacity in 2.5 kWh increments until 10 kWh for a single system. Its IP rating is 30, which makes it suitable for indoor installation, and it is off-grid capable. Furthermore, SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid can operate at a temperature ranging from 5 °C to 40 °C and can be AC or DC coupled.

Senec Home V3 Hybrid Specifications
Usable Capacity9 kWh
Nominal Capacity10 kWh
Power3 kW charge, 3.5 kW discharge
Round Trip EfficiencyTBD
Weight115 kg
117 cm x 53cm x 40cm
Enclosure Protection RatingIP30
Temperature Range5°C to 40 °C
Estimated Retail Pricing*$14,000
Warranty10 years defaultor
20 years extended warranty
Total Warranted kWh (1 cycle per day)32,850
Cost per Total Warranted kWh (1 cycle per day)$0.43

How Do SENEC Batteries Work? 

SENEC solar batteries work by storing extra solar energy instead of sending it back to the grid. You can then use this energy whenever your solar panels can’t generate enough energy alone. SENEC solar batteries are rechargeable and automatically work when the light level is reduced. 

Being hybrid inverter batteries, they can act both as an energy storage system and an inverter. Upon absorbing sunlight, the solar panels break off the electrons surrounding the photon. Electrons are then transmitted through a circuit, which results in a direct current (DC). This DC energy is then transferred to the inverter unit, which converts it into usable alternating current (AC) energy. This AC energy is what you can use in your home. 

Once installed, you can monitor the battery storage system using a smartphone app. It helps you track and control your energy use, how the system is performing, and your savings. For your peace of mind, remote assistance is also available.

In the event that the solar panels are struck by lightning, both the system and the storage will remain safe with overvoltage protection.

What are the Pros and Cons of a SENEC Battery?

An all-in-one or ‘hybrid’ solar battery unit like the SENEC battery helps you store energy efficiently and save money, both in the short- and long-term.

What Are the Pros of a SENEC Battery?

The many pros of a SENEC solar battery include:

  • Simple to use
  • Reduced power bills
  • Compatible with all solar PV brands
  • Approved by the Clean Energy Council
  • Unlimited solar recharging cycles
  • Ensured safety with overvoltage protection 
  • Storage capacity can be increased when needed
  • Monitoring and tracking capability with a smartphone application
  • Decreased environmental impact with a reduced carbon footprint
  • 20-year extendable warranty, one of the best available on the market
  • Maximum efficiency with 2x MPPT circuits, high current rating of 23 A Isc and a rating of 97.4% inverter efficiency

What Are the Cons of a SENEC Battery?

The minimal downsides of SENEC solar batteries are:

  • Like all other solar batteries, it has a relatively higher upfront cost 
  • Lower IP rating than some other available models  
  • Lower power output compared to other batteries of equivalent size

How Much Do SENEC Solar Batteries Cost?

A SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid with a usable storage capacity of 9 kWh costs $14,000 on SolarQuotes, according to their last update in July 2022. This price is the estimated retail pricing which includes goods and services tax but excludes installation fees. 

The price of a SENEC solar battery in Australia varies depending on the size and your PV system requirement. The Compare Solar Quotes website indicates that a unit of this brand costs between $3,000 and $8,000, inclusive of the incentives and solar rebates from the Australian government. This price puts it on par with many other industry-leading solar batteries, like the Tesla solar battery, the Powerwall. 

SENEC Solar Battery Reviews 

SENEC solar batteries have received an average customer rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on SolarQuotes

“I have the SENEC V3 and it includes a 5kw hybrid inverter along with a 10kwh battery. No problems at all. Also have the backup power option in case of power outages.” – Paul, SolarQuotes

 “I have already noticed huge improvements in my electricity costs. It’s still early days but we saved around $200 in our first month. We are about 80% self-sufficient, even in winter. We are very happy with our SENEC Battery!” – William, SENEC AU

 “I love the fact we get very low or zero power bills – we are saving over $200 per month at least!! I would recommend anyone with solar panels to get a SENEC battery, our home is almost completely self-sufficient in summer and we still generate power on rainy days in winter!” – Hilary, SENEC AU

 “I have had my SENEC for a year now and I love that I am able to provide nearly ALL home electricity with emergency blackout cover. We spend less than $40 on electricity bills in the winter and in summer they are negative!! I would recommend anyone with solar panels gets a SENEC battery – they are great for storing and using your own carbon free power overnight and installing one has made my home over 90% self-sufficient.” – Graham, SENECAU

SENEC Solar Battery FAQs

How Long Do SENEC Batteries Last?

SENEC solar batteries, with their lithium iron phosphate batteries, last for 12,000 recharging cycles, 2–4 times longer than the other lithium-ion batteries. They have a large number of cycles, are more stable at high temperatures and can be kept for longer periods without breaking down.

SENEC Battery Warranties

All SENEC solar batteries have a generous warranty of 10 years, which can be extended to 20 years. This warranty is as extensive and comprehensive as any other warranty on the market. 

What Type of Battery Are SENEC Solar batteries?

SENEC solar batteries are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), a type of Li-ion battery. This type is safer and features a longer lifespan than nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries. As a result, SENEC solar batteries are more suitable for stationary storage.

What Is the Lifespan of a SENEC Solar Battery? 

Home solar batteries are expected to last anywhere from 5–15 years. SENEC solar batteries have a warranty of 10 years, which can be extended to 20 years, lasting longer than competing warranties and models.

SENEC Solar Battery Compatibility

SENEC solar batteries are designed to be compatible with all brands of solar PV system. 

Who Instals SENEC Solar Batteries in Australia?

Solar installation professionals install SENEC solar batteries in Australia. They are trained and well-equipped, both in equipment and knowledge, to do this job. This means quality work and safety for everyone involved. 

In Australia, JFK Electrical, Solar & Air is the Peel Region’s most trusted provider of solar installation services. We service residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Mandurah and the Peel Region, stretching to Cockburn, Perth, and Fremantle. We design, supply, and install SENEC solar batteries that are customised according to your PV system’s needs. As a trusted solar contractor, our team can also do repairs and solar system maintenance.

Solar system installation can be dangerous as it can produce high-voltage DC power. If not properly handled, it can result in death due to electrocution.That’s why you’ll always need a professional to install a solar battery safely. 

Where Are SENEC Products Manufactured? 

SENEC products are all designed and manufactured in Germany. After its domestic success, the company has extended globally. It has attracted several registered partners in Australia, establishing a county-wide retail network.

How Many SENEC Solar Batteries Do I Need? 

One SENEC solar battery should suffice for most homes, though the number of batteries you need depends on your solar capacity. Other considerations like your household’s power usage, where you live in Australia, and the size of your solar system will also be determining factors.


This article is published in good faith and for general informational purposes only. JFK Electrical does not make any warranties about the ongoing completeness and reliability of this information. Always seek personalised advice on solar energy to ensure any recommendations suit your property and scenario.

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