Solar Hot Water System Installation (iStore & iHeat) in Mandurah

In Australia, heating hot water accounts for up to a quarter of our electricity costs. The Australian government is offering STC financial incentives encouraging families and community organisations to migrate to solar hot water and iStore heat pumps. Here at JFK Electrical, Solar and Air, we are proud to be stockists of the iStore and iHeat.

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What Is the iStore?

The iStore is a ground-mounted, highly dependable system. The iStore provides hot water throughout the year while also benefiting the environment by using thermal technology to convert air to energy and heating the water stored within the unit.

In fact, the iStore energy storage hot water system is one of the best value heat pumps on the market!

Compared to traditional electric or gas storage systems, the iStore cuts hot water heating usage by two-thirds while lowering CO2 emissions by four tonnes per year.

The maximum potential of the iStore is seen when the unit is used with a PV Solar system. The iStore then works by storing excess solar energy that has been generated and converting it into heat, which will see a drastic reduction in your electricity costs.

How Does the iStore Work?

Different to your roof-mounted solar hot water system, the iStore converts air to energy in the following steps:

  1. A fan draws air across the evaporator that contains heat energy.
  2. The evaporator converts the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas.
  3. The refrigerant is compressed into a heated gas by the compressor.
  4. The hot gas heats the water in the coil-wrapped tank inside the condenser coil.
  5. After heating the water, the refrigerant reverts to a liquid and travels to the evaporator, where the process begins again.
  6. The procedure repeats until the desired temperature is reached.

You are pairing your iStore with a solar system to maximise its potential. The built-in smart timer will offset any surplus power to the iStore, allowing you to save even more money.

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop

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What is the iHeat?

The popular and cost-effective iHeat hot water system uses a roof-mounted tank and two highly advanced solar panels to produce up to 80% of your hot water needs.

This well-known system uses the latest natural circulation technology and has no moving components or pumps, making it a low-maintenance and dependable operator.

Roof-mounted solar hot water systems provide an automated electric backup to help out on particularly cloudy days. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly roof-mounted system saves money and reduces pollution.

How Does the iHeat Work?

Roof-mounted solar hot water heaters from iHeat are typical close-coupled thermosiphon systems that combine roof-mounted solar collectors and storage tanks. This makes them perfect for applications where ground area is limited.

Roof-mounted systems are particularly efficient, as they circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank using natural thermal convection rather than electric pumps.

The electric boost heating element only turns on when the stored water temperature falls below a pre-set point, lowering your energy expenditures.

Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

Benefits of Installing Solar Hot Water

  • Energy Savings

    As mentioned above, installing an iStore cuts hot water heating usage by two-thirds compared to traditional electric or gas storage systems, resulting in savings on your heating bill.

  • Australian Government STC Financial Incentives

    The Australian government is encouraging Aussie families and community organisations to migrate to solar hot water and iStore heat pump systems by offering STC financial incentives.

  • Economical

    The iStore has four intelligent operating modes that adapt to every occasion, including a hybrid model for when you have extra guests around and a vacation mode for when you are away from home.

  • Slim Designs

    At 1955mm high and 640mm wide, the iStore is the perfect size for any home. The iHeat system has a length of 2648mm.

  • Energy Efficient

    The iStore only consumes about 500W of energy per hour during the air-to-energy heating process.

  • Easy Install

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop

Solar Hot Water Installation Process

JFK professional installing a solar panel on a residential rooftop

On confirmation, an installation date will be scheduled. On the day of your installation, JFK Electrical Solar and Air will send you a courtesy text message to let you know members of our professional team are on the way with your new unit.

The team will require access to the rooftop of your property for installation of an iHeat unit or access to the pre-determined location for the iStore unit.

Whilst on-site, the team will then carry out all plumbing and electrical works required to get your unit up and running.

Upon completion of installation, the friendly team will give you a rundown of how to use the unit. We will also send you the user manual and some handy go-to videos for your convenience.

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JFK Electrical, Solar & Air’s local, highly trained, professional electricians are ready to help. We service all areas from Mandurah to Fremantle, Cockburn, Rockingham & Bunbury.

Why Choose JFK for Your Solar Hot Water Installation?

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air are respected and trusted solar contractors based in Mandurah, WA. Our local, family-owned business offers top class service and professional solar hot water systems throughout Mandurah, Cockburn, Fremantle and Perth.

If you’re looking for the best local, highly trained solar energy experts near you, then JFK are your people. We will walk you through every step of your solar replacement or upgrade and keep you updated every step of the way.

If you are ready to get started on solar and heat pump hot water for your home or office, give our team a call today. We will book you in for a free, no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling on your new system as soon as possible.

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop
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