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Solar Panel and Inverter Installation in Mandurah

When you install a solar panel system in your Mandurah home or business, you make a great investment for your wallet and the planet. With a solar installation from our team, you’ll save money AND benefit the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint – and at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we’re the friendly locals who can help you get started!

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Why Install A New Solar System?

With energy prices continuing to spike in Western Australia, now is the best time to have a solar panel system installed by JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, your local solar energy experts.

With a solar panel system designed and installed by JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better for the environment 
  • Reduced electricity bills 
  • Low maintenance solar 
  • Increase the value of your property
  • New or replacement systems
  • Battery ready systems
  • Pay for your system with electricity bill savings 
  • 25-year product performance warranty
  • Top-quality products with Australian held warranties

JFK Electrical, Solar & Air supplies and installs solar panels from reputable manufacturers with warranties held in Australia. This is the key to maximising your return on investment and ensuring peace of mind when installing a new solar power system. When you install solar panels and a solar system for your home or business, it’s a lifetime asset investment and an important step in securing your energy future.

Take action today! – call the team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air to start your transition to renewable energy and start saving!

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How Do Solar Panels and Inverters Work?

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop

Solar Panels work within a solar power system by capturing the sun’s energy and efficiently converting it to power for your home or business.

This form of clean, renewable energy is perfect for the hot Australian climate. During the day, when electricity demands are at their peak, your solar system will draw on the sun’s energy to create electricity for your home. 

How does solar energy work? First, sunlight hits the solar panel on your roof. The PV solar panels then convert the energy to direct current electricity. This direct current flows to the inverter, which converts it to an alternating current. The alternating electric current is what is then used to power your home.

If you’re ready to convert your home to renewable energy, give the team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air a call to get a customised quote.

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Zero-obligation quotes for all your solar installation needs. Get in touch with JFK Electrical, Solar & Air to book your appointment now.

How to Choose the Right Solar System

At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air, we understand that with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to know which PV solar system will provide you with the best return on investment.

Before purchasing a solar system, it is always good to shop around and look at the different options available. When determining which PV solar system is ideal for your home or business, you should consider the following six factors:

1. Efficiency
2. Cost
3. Quality and Warranty
4. Manufacturer
5. Specifications
6. Aesthetics

Weighing up these factors for your home and its needs will help you determine which solar system is right for you. 

If you need some friendly advice, the team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air can provide an honest assessment of what solar system suits your home, and work with you to design your own personalised solar PV system. 

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What Are the Different Types of Solar Systems?

Collage of solar systems installed on a residential rooftop

There are four main types of solar systems on the market which inlcude: 

  • Roof-Mounted

The most common type of solar system is the roof-mounted PV solar system. A roof-mounted solar system requires mounting a racking system to the roof, which keeps the panels in position, allowing the system to be built directly on the top of a house or building.


  • Ground-Mounted

Exactly like it sounds, a ground-mounted solar system is one that is installed on the ground rather than on the roof. As long as space and sunlight permit it, ground-mounted solar systems can be constructed anywhere on a property. However, this typically results in a more expensive system.


  • On-Grid (Grid Connect)

An on-grid solar system generates solar power for you to use across your home or business and exports any excess power back to the grid. The system will only produce energy during daylight hours, but battery storage can also be added to cover non-daylight hours. 


  • Off-Grid

Off-grid systems are independent power generating systems. They usually consist of solar panels, battery storage and a backup power source.

At JFK Electrical, Solar & Air we offer all four types of solar systems ready to install in Perth and Peel Region homes and businesses. If you’re not sure which system is right for you, call our friendly JFK team today for a consultation and an obligation-free quote.

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Solar Panel Brands We Install at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air

  • Trina Solar

Trina Solar is well-known in the solar business and is recognised as one of the most cost-effective solar producers on the market. 

Trina Solar has a reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting tier one solar panels with a 15-year product warranty.


The Renewable Energy Corporation manufactures top-quality solar panels that are installed all over the world. 

The REC prides itself on its rigorous testing and offers a competitive 25-year product warranty. 


  • Q-Cells

Q-Cells’ tier one solar panels are specifically engineered to endure the Australian climate, and their price-to-quality ratio makes them an excellent value.

As a trusted Australian provider, Q-Cells offers a 10-25 year product warranty, depending on the product. 


  • Longi

Longi solar panels are an excellent, dependable alternative for anyone searching for a mid-range panel at an affordable price. 

With a 10-year product warranty, Longi is a trusted solar panel brand.

Solar panels installed on a commercial building's rooftop

Solar Inverter Brands We Use at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air

Solar system installed on a residential home rooftop
  • Fronius

Fronius produces some of the top inverters on the market. Their inverters are known for their high-quality performance and are built strong to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Fronius offers a 5-year warranty and an additional 5-year warranty if you register online. 


  • Sungrow

Sungrow inverters are used all over the world. Sungrow has been offering high efficient inverters to the Australian solar market since 2012. 


  • Huawei

Well known for its telecommunications, Huawei is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters. 

Huawei inverters have a 5-year full replacement warranty and a 5-year term after that where they will repair or supply components for a malfunctioning inverter.

  • GoodWe

GoodWe has a strong reputation worldwide for its dependable, low-cost inverters.

Inverters come with a 10-year warranty and have a customer service office located in Melbourne. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size solar system will I need to run my home or business?

The size of the system you’ll need is entirely dependent on how much energy your household typically uses and where you live.

To estimate what size system you require, you’ll need to crunch some numbers. Each kilowatt of solar you install will produce about 4-4.5 kWh per day, depending on a number of other influential factors. If you divide your daily consumption by this amount it will suggest what size system you should get. 

Overall, the amount of energy you use on a daily basis will determine the size of the system you require. If you need help deciphering what size to get, the team at JFK Electrical, Solar & Air can help you with a free consultation.

What is a grid connect solar power system?

Grid-connected systems, which are the most prevalent in built-up regions, provide solar electricity directly to the home via an inverter. They then export excess energy to the grid if the system produces more energy than the home requires.

If the system is no greater than 6.6KW, the homeowner receives a credit or a reimbursement for the electricity delivered to the mains grid. This is known as a feed-in tariff.

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Does roof orientation really matter when installing solar panels?

Yes, a system with solar panels facing south will produce significantly less than one with panels facing north, but any solar is better than none and will still save you money. 

Depending on the installation scenario and power consumption, east/west configurations are also a viable choice.

Is the Australian solar subsidy in danger of ending soon?

Current legislation in Australia means that STC financial incentives (commonly known as the solar energy subsidy) will continue until 2030. Although no current legislation puts an end date on the scheme, this could happen at any time, so it’s important not to wait if you’re keen to take advantage of the benefits. This incentive is also directly tied to STC price, which fluctuates based on current demand.

How much does a grid connect PV Solar system cost?

Prices vary according to factors like location, size of the system you need, and quality. For that reason, it’s important to choose a reliable solar panel installation company and not just go with the cheapest quote, as subpar technology can end up costing you more in the long run. Read more about the high cost of cheap solar.

Other factors influencing system cost include the type of installation required (such as single-storey or multi-storey buildings) and type of power supply (eg. single-phase or three-phase).

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