JFK Solar provide quality Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems.

There is no end in sight to continued energy cost hikes. For both businesses and households, bills continue to rise even with reduced consumption. It is time to take charge of your energy future with solar panels. Clean, green and renewable Solar is nature’s answer to our energy crises.

With solar panels, inverters, battery storage technology, and price continuing take giant leaps, energy independence is within reach.

JFK Solar Energy services are available in all areas from Fremantle, Mandurah and Bunbury and beyond! Contact us for a quote today to find out how much a solar energy solution you could be saving you on your power costs

If you buy a solar panel system in Mandurah today it is subsidised by a federal government scheme based on the current STC price. That is applied at the point of sale; i.e. any advertised prices you see almost certainly have the STC financial incentives already applied. Currently in WA a reduced “feed-in tariff” still exists for systems of 5kw or less. This means you get paid for the excess power you generate through the solar panels & solar-power systems in Mandurah WA, but don’t use. Be sure to ask about updates with regards to this policy.

Harness The Power Of The Sun and save thousands each year when you swap to solar!

Let nature provide your energy and slash your power bills with a Solar System from JFK Solar.

☀️ $0 deposit finance (Brighte)
☀️ New or replacement systems
☀️ Battery ready systems
☀️ Pay for your system with the savings from your power bills
☀️ 25 year product performance warranty
☀️ Top quality products with Australian held warranties

JFK Solar supply and installs solar panels from reputable manufacturers with warranties held in Australia.

This is the key to maximising your return on investment and ensuring peace of mind when installing a solar power system. When you install solar panels for your homes or business, it’s a lifetime asset investment and a step in securing your energy future. So whether you’re looking for a new or replacement system, our friendly, local, experienced team offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

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